What We Do

We started this project in February 2017 with 75 children, 1 chicken and a tub of butter. Since then, we have moved to bigger premises, which includes a bigger kitchen, 2 large chest freezers, a storage room, a bank account and a PBO number. We joined hands with Langebaan Community Police Forum and Team Langebaan in April 2017 and have grown from strength to strength.

We are currently feeding 175 – 200 children, including a few elderly people, twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday (limited due to premises and resources). We also fulfill other needs which we identify during these feedings like dentistry, school shoes and clothing, skin disorders etc. We supply bedding, clothing and food parcels to people in dire straits in the Langebaan Community and when possible, we assist other registered soup kitchens.

We are in the process of applying for the community youth centre, P.L.A.Y (Parents Lobbying for Active Youth), which will help us achieve our mission in feeding 5 days per week (and eventually 7 days a week) from January 2018.

This is our primary function, Feeding the Children as well as their souls and teaching them discipline and biblical life principles.

We were involved in the following community initiatives during the last few months:

Blow the whistle

An annual event hosting +- 550 kids from the community, teaching them about the dark and dangerous side of drug and alcohol abuse and what to do when they witness such acts in their homes and neighborhood.

Santa for Langebaan

An annual event where we spoil the children with a traditional Christmas lunch, gifts, sing along carols and decorating a tree. We want this to be a meaningful and joyful experience for them to treasure during the festive season. We primarily want to teach them the true meaning of Christmas – The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Team Langebaan Fundraiser

This was the 1st big fundraiser which ended in a huge success and will be held twice annually.

Smaller individual projects:

We procured the needed ointments, went to the mother and explained to her how and when to administer the ointment. We get the ointment monthly. (Please note, we are not allowed to use the children’s names)

9-year-old girl with eczema

We took her to the pharmacy where the pharmacist examined her and bought the needed ointments, went to the mother and explained to her how and when to administer the ointment.

7-Year-old girl with Ringworm

We got a local dentist on board to help severe dental cases at no cost. This was the first case.

14-year-old Girl with dental problems

We have a file on each child, recording all details: Name, photo, age, gender and notes (i.e. school shoes bought, dentistry, etc.)

File on each Child